Customised Spring Water Bottles

Filled with fresh, spring water from the world famous Blue Springs in New Zealand, in addition to a Full-colour, white background label, these Customised Spring Water Bottles are perfect for any occasion.


Branded bottles are perfect as:

  • Give aways specifically for people who visit your trade stand or exhibit.
  • Non-alcoholic option during your next event.
  • Gifts to your cliental.
  • Fund-raising option for your organisation or club.


Bottle Sizes:

350ml, 500ml and 750ml



  • Sports sipper caps: Comes standard with 750ml size.
  • Clear labels: For that transparent look.
  • Cut-out labels: A great way to get your label to stand out.
  • Foiling / Metallics and other effects.
  • Individualisation of each label.
  • Alternate cap colours: Black and white are standard for flat caps, are also available in Blue, Red & Dark Green.


Label Sizes:

  • 350ml – 60mm x 140mm
  • 500ml – 75mm x 140mm
  • 750ml – 55mm x 170mm


  • 42% of people will keep and refill your Customised Spring Water Bottle.
  • An average of 36 hours a customer spends with your branded bottle.
  • At least 5 additional people are exposed to your brand when a clients use your bottle.


Contact the team if you would like more information regarding Customised Spring Water Bottles.